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Plastic injection moulding for all sectors

Plastic injection moulding for all sectors

Not many sectors can do without plastic end products and components. At Technique Plastique, we manufacture plastic injection-moulded products for a broad spectrum of application areas. From medical components and plastic packaging designs to lenses for the lighting industry and environmentally friendly agricultural products. We are familiar with the specific requirements needed by these industries. But we always analyse your project in the detail it deserves.


We have a reputation to uphold when it comes to producing complex plastic injection-moulded products for the medical industry.

Optics & Lighting

For companies in the optical and lighting industries, we produce injection-moulded products to high standards of accuracy, quality and purity.

High tech & micro

Plastic products that are so complex that almost no one can produce them by injection moulding. We love it when these products take shape in our injection moulding machines.


We design, produce and assemble injection-moulded plastic packaging solutions for the food and consumer goods industries, among others.


With close attention for sustainability, we develop and produce plastic products for customers in the agricultural sector.

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