Broad expertise

All injection moulding techniques under a single roof

The best injection moulding technique
for your product.

We combine our expertise in injection moulding processes with an extensive knowledge of high-performance plastic materials. In the preliminary stage, we draw up an extensive report that recommends the most compatible injection moulding technique for your plastic material. Guaranteeing you an end product or component with the properties you want. Which is also produced in the most efficient way.

Plastic injection molding

Does your product require the ability to produce complex shapes and an efficient method of production? If so, we advise you to choose single shot plastic injection moulding.

2K injection moulding

What if you need to combine 2 different plastics? With two shot injection moulding, we can integrate multiple properties in your product.

Cleanroom injection moulding

Does your plastic product need to meet very stringent requirements? In our cleanroom (class 8), we produce injection-moulded medical (and other) products according to ISO 13485.

Insert & outsert injection moulding

Does your product require a combination of plastic with another type of material such as metal? We make that combination for you with insert & outsert injection moulding.

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