2K injection moulding

Unlimited combination of product properties

Two shot injection moulding of plastic products
saves you assembly costs

Two shot injection moulding is one of our specialities. In this process, we simultaneously inject 2 plastics with different properties into a mould. This creates a unique material combination in a single injection operation. Assembly is no longer necessary.

With two shot injection moulding, we can combine different types of plastic in one injection moulding process for you. For example, if you want to join a hard and a soft material. Or want to use 2 different colours in one design to achieve a specific marketing effect. The level of design freedom is high. And the result perfectly finished and strong. The plastics we combine make a seamless joint with each other.

Moreover: because we make your combined final product in one process step, no costly post-processing or (manual) assembly work is required after production.


No costly
assambly and post-processing work.

design freedom.

cycle times.

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